Yacht Cranchi Mediterranee 50ft

  • Coast and fun $39,000/For 4 hours
Puerto Aventuras, QR, Mexico, Playa del Carmen
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Yacht Cranchi Mediterranee 50ft

Puerto Aventuras, QR, Mexico, Playa del Carmen
  • Coast and fun $39,000/For 4 hours


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Cranchi Mediterranee Yacht 50ft coast and fun: A luxury adventure in Playa del Carmen

Embark on an exceptional nautical experience aboard the Cranchi Mediterranee 50ft Coast and Fun Yacht. Located in Puerto Aventuras, QR, Mexico, Cancun, this luxury yacht offers the perfect setting for a day full of fun, sun and adventure in the beautiful waters of Cancun.

Exclusive features of the Cranchi Mediterranee 50ft Yacht:

  • Space and comfort: With a spacious deck and elegant spaces, this yacht guarantees an intimate and welcoming experience.
  • Water activities: Equipped with snorkeling equipment and water toys to fully enjoy the crystal clear waters.
  • Fun atmosphere: Perfect for groups looking to combine relaxation and entertainment in a luxurious setting.
  • Impressive sights: Sail through the calm waters of Playa del Carmen, enjoying the sun and the seascape.
  • cabins: 3, offering a comfortable and private space to relax between activities.
  • Bathrooms: 2, fully equipped for the comfort of passengers.
  • Professional captain: Sail with the peace of mind of being in expert hands.
  • Free access to food and drinks: Enjoy a selection of delicious, hand-picked foods and drinks during your trip.

Food menu included:

  • Breakfasts: Eggs to taste, Acai Bowl, French Bread, Muffins, Hot Cakes.
  • Snack: Seasonal fruits, Mayan guacamole, hummus. skites, mini cocktail.
  • Additional snacks: Salmon mousse, Serrano ham tapas, capresse skewers, traditional nachos, patatas bravas, chicken skewers, provoleta.
  • Ceviches, sushi, seafood: Traditional ceviche, Peruvian ceviche, causa Lima, sashimi, sushi, rolls, nigiris.
  • Sandwiches: Shrimp tacos, ciabatta, buffalo wings, portobello burger, choripan, empanadas, burrito, falafel.
  • Desserts: Cheesecake, chocolate brownie, chocolate covered strawberries, strawberry foam, alfajores, mini apple and walnut pie.

Drinks menu included:

  • Beers: Michelob Ultra, Corona.
  • Vodka: Absolute Blue.
  • Tequila: Jimador White.
  • Mezcal: Young Fandango.
  • Whiskey: Red Label, Jack Daniel's.
  • Ron: Bacardi Carta Blanca, Methuselah Classic.
  • Geneva: Bombay, Beefeater.
  • Wines: Red, White, Rosé.
  • Cocktails: Piña Colada, Mojito, Daiquiri, Margarita, and more.
  • Drinks without alcohol: Various juices, Clamato, Soft drinks, Fresh waters.

Book now for a day of fun: The Cranchi Mediterranee 50ft Coast and Fun Yacht is an exceptional option for groups looking to enjoy a day of luxury and adventure in Cancun. Accommodating an intimate experience, booking early secures your spot in this exclusive experience.

Commitment to excellence: At Yatezzitos, we are dedicated to offering high-quality marine experiences. Our team is committed to quality and attention to detail, ensuring that your day at sea is perfect in every way.

Conclusion: The Cranchi Mediterranee 50ft Coast and Fun Yacht is the perfect choice for those looking to enjoy a full day of sailing, sun and fun in Playa del Carmen. Contact us to book your trip and get ready for an unforgettable experience at sea.

  • City Carmen beach

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