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Yacht rental in Mazatlan, to explore one of the most exotic tourist destinations in Mexico.

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They really saved my day, we had a double booking on another yacht due to a staff mistake and they referred us to Jesus Velazquez to help us out on a Saturday Easter and he really went out of his way and got us a yacht, they really saved us, many thanks!
by Alexandra O.
Regular client
They rented us a yacht and before leaving for the ride it broke down, we thought that we would no longer be able to enjoy the ride but they quickly found us a much better one and at the same price, for that reason they deserve my testimony and gratitude.
by Gerard M.
I had a terrible experience on one of their rides and we did not enjoy it because the weather was very bad, the next day the weather improved and they compensated us by giving us the free ride again, it is something that few vendors or agencies would have done for us.
by Carla J.

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