We are a team of 3 committed.

Do you know what they do to those who steal in Mexico? 

I wouldn't have the day to talk about it. I expose you to my family on this page and still, do you think we are fake profiles? make us one video call here and find out.

We love the beach, in fact we grew up on it. We enjoy what we do, we travel and explore, plus we meet people full of success and abundance. Can you ask for anything more from life?

We say we will go as far as life allows us, today we are in 6 cities in a beautiful country and maybe tomorrow God will allow us to be all over the world.

We love helping and serving people with love and respect for everyone. However, we are human and we also make mistakes.

Not everything can be perfect, can it?

We constantly work and study to improve what we do, we will not disappoint you. 

We know that we can go as far as we propose, we have an excellent response in each new destination that we start, if it were not for your support we would not have to enjoy this life, we really appreciate that you have chosen us. 

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Jesus M. Velazquez
Yatezzitos Mexico
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Luis E. Velazquez
Yatezzitos Mexico
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Hilda A. Sanchez
Yatezzitos Mexico

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