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At Yatezzitos, we value honesty, passion and innovation. We are looking for people who share these values to join our team.


We determine the level according to the ability they have with the tools they use as professionals, we conduct an interview through Google Meet where we request a proof of work to determine the time it takes them to deliver it as well as the quality of the work.

No, we only hire beginners who have an initial level in the knowledge and technologies used for the corresponding job. The minimum acceptable is that of beginner level students who have exceeded 100 hours of study on their own in the desired area and have initial certifications from the different educational platforms that exist on the internet.

The university degree is considered important if the person has experience in the specialty area, however it is not relevant if you have already worked previously, either in another job or venture, if you have experience in the tools that are needed you can Contact us for an evaluation.

For a beginner level, a minimum of 100 hours of self-study is required, for advanced levels we do not consider a minimum, but rather the experience they have using the tools required to carry out work related to their area.

Being a company with a wide variety of clients, you will have the opportunity to start a Startup with the help of our team. My main wish is that we can all create something we like and the reward for helping me is the same as what you will receive from me. 

I consider it extremely important that the people who work in this company have 3 main characteristics, which are:

1.- Humility to understand that 99% of the time we are wrong and work based on this knowledge.
2.- Continuous learning, people who dedicate part of their day to learning and know the importance of studying of their own free will.
3.- Creativity and belief: I seek to hire people who believe that they are highly creative human beings and not the other way around.

Yes, there is a huge group of ideas that I have not been able to develop successfully and they will be excellent generators of great income, as a thank you for being part of my team I will distribute to each new member an equal part of the new income that my company receive with the help of a team.

Yes, the job is remote 100%, I am looking for people who can dedicate the same time to it that they would dedicate to an office job but from home.

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